Friday, November 24, 2006


Ok polls closed.

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Friday, November 17, 2006

Blogger Beta??

Hey.... i realised that almost everyone has blogger Beta...

I tried to merge the accounts but it doesnt i have had a new blog... what do you all say...switch to new blog?? I would really love to switch for the final time .... promise no more for 365days. Blogger beta is soo cool makes life much easier....
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I'll run this pole of 1 week...

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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

EURO TOUR: Final Evening In Paris

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After the long travel in the morning and the long day travel around Paris, evening we spent roaming around and around the Luovre area. Above is the Ritz Hotel that i was talking about in my earlier post. The Last Mean Princess Diana ever ate was here, before the car crash.
Its a very grand hotel as you can see taxis ain't Wira's.

This is the Louvre on the wide panoramic view. Beautiful isnt' it.

Behind me its the acutal Arc De Triomphe build many many years back.

The original piece of art after the war.

Despite its been built years back, its covered with very refine detail even on it's roof inside the arch.

This original piece of art is aligned with the newer version, much bigger one which we had visited eariler in the day when we first arrived. Take a look closely you'll see the arch down the street at the far end.

There you go...thats what zoom's are for. thats the newer Arch.

This is the most beautiful sight, i suppose its about 8pm now... still bright huh... but again as i've said before this structure Eiffel gives the feel when your in Paris. The mighty feeling, seeing it on picture you may not feel it but when you're there you'll realise the awe it this tower is so great. What the whole Paris respects. It may not be the tallest in the world but surely the most mightly one. You can like feel the invinsible power radiating from it...hahahaha... its really different from viewing pictures. It changes the way and feel when i see this structure on pictures.

The a very beautiful bridge when night approaches. Les Invadiles is behind where we had also visited earlier during the day.

The night view is way cooler and colder not to forget. Beautiful street lights once they are all lited up.

This is the glass museum, huge one.

This is Montmartre, located on the top of the hill of Paris. Not much high grounds in Paris you know. By this time my eyes are barely open, im just too tired i couldn't keep it open i did actualy stand and sleep for a minute or two while my dad took this shots and please not forgetting its cold here and we are at the top of the hill, winds are strong. The beautiful thing is we could see the whole of Paris by night. Wow its beautiful, sorry no clear pictures of that just in my head ahahaha...

A little history of this place;

Saint Denis, a Christian martyr, the bishop of Paris and the patron saint of France, died around 250 on Montmartre.
Denis was executed by beheading on the highest hill near Paris (now Montmartre), which being the highest hill in the area was also likely to have been a druidic holy place. The martyrdom of Denis and his companions gave the name of Montmartre, in French literally the mountain of the martyr.


Then it was a long way walk back down hill, through old shops like petaling street cheap stuff....not really actuall after convertion...then to the bus and definatly slept there.

Its a good thing there was noise about the bus when it reached the tower... Eiffel by night was awesome beauty... blinking lights flashing strobe on the top. It does this every hour. The most amazing thing is when Hitler took over Paris he didnt go up the tower because of his pride, he could have walked up. The French spoiled the elevators when he came ahahhaha...

Thats all for central Paris and night shots.... beautiful isn't it. Tomorrow morning we'll be moving outta Paris into the outter-skirts of France.

take care c ya tomorrow.

to be continued...

Dad's New Olympus E-500

Finally after much long decision my dad decide to get the Olympus E500, bought for RM2900 with Two Lenses. 14-45mm and 40-150mm which all this figures has to be times by two to get the acurate distance.

The front of E500 with 14-15mm Lens.

This with the 40-150mm which in total makes it 300mm.

This the 300mm with hood on. Cool huh.

Yeah now its my turn to take some photos with it.

Its a superb camera.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Im sure i was a rush for Angeline to get this wonderful piece of job done. Absolutly beautiful. Looking for the right pictures was tough too.
Finally its was done, after 1st service we got everyone to sign this stuff up.

All busy thinking and writing their sweetest words.

The board was so full that Jack had to fill a general note from all who weren't present.

Josh, never fail to face in.

Hahha, Roe you must be greatful we used this tank to pump in the gas instead of using natural gas. :)

This was awesome, it came from Angeline.

I was blocked for a few moments just managed to get a few candid shots. Actually Roe, we were waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting.....until service was about to begin and we decided to pull off the plan till after service which then i wouldnt be around to take the shots.

Suddenly Steven came running in, she is here! Then i peep through the doors of the main hall i saw you standing there in shock, I bet you were thinking "what, where is all my cg memebers, all missing for 2nd service, probably they were to busy for my birthday" ahahha whatever you were thinking, time was closing on us so with in a few moments we decided to close in.


Well the i think i missed the part where you cried...if you ever did ahahahha... :)


It came to this Saturday where we all had planned a suprise party for Xuan Han where he thought we all had forgotten about him. hahahha hey no way man.
For worship today it was Ian song leading, a good first try huh?!

Then after sharing and lesson, SUPRISE!! Its not his cake...Josh just carrying it ahahaha :)

It's a Happy Birthday to Xuan Han who's birthday was last Saturday and Ying Roe who's birthday is this coming Sunday.

The November Babies cutting of cake ceremony.

Its a new flavour cake, Teh Tarik.

Now then its opening present time for the Birthday Man who just turned 21 last saturday. We suprise this potential Marketting Director with a Pen. Look at Josh behind....

We even got his name engraved on it.

There he goes, its pure Parker, see the trademark designs on it.

Have a great birthday and may God Bless! Sign it well.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

EURO TOUR: Red Light District, Paris

Photos of Red Light District of Paris were taken with Panasonic FZ-20
by Raymond Wong.
My camera is still charging.

After the river cruise and cold wind, we headed to the red light district of Paris. Its still cold by the way but not too bad, at least over here there are buildings blocking.

The Red Light district here is a famous place with lots of theaters with acts of adult content and obviously lots of pornographic shops which operates legally.

Cafe's will never go missing for sure, thats France.

Moulin Rouge is a very famous Theather in Europe one of the best known. People just hang about, lots of bad hats around. Rough people, man you should see what we say they could even fight a cop.

Lets see what Wikipedia got to tell;

The Moulin Rouge is a symbol of French Culture as well as the Bohemian influence on Western Europe. The building has a rich history that is still being added to today. Over the past hundred years, the Moulin Rouge has remained a popular tourist destination for many visitors each year. Today the Moulin Rouge offers musical dance entertainment for adult visitors from around the world. Much of the romance from turn-of-the-century France is still present in the interior environment. The design and name of Paris's Moulin Rouge has often been imitated by other night clubs worldwide.


At every square there is at least two petrol units standing by, lot of rascals in this part of Paris.

We came here actually to drop half of our tour who wantted to see the theater while the rest of us wantted to roam Paris. So we had to wait here and our tour guide drop them off before we move on to the Lourve again. Earlier in the day we hadn't had a chance to walk about the lourve so now we going there.

to be continued...